Today I had the chance to talk to the South African artist responsible for the ‘yarn bombing’ that has been going on in Nablus over the last few days. Understandably she was unwilling for me to share her name as she was anxious that it would affect her upcoming visa application, but she kindly explained some of the ideas and motivations behind these artworks.


The artist used yarn bombing (wrapping objects in woollen crochets) to juxtapose the playful, creative process involved in making these colourful pieces, with the very real threat of bombing more normally associated with life in Palestine. The artist chose trees specifically for their symbolism relating to hope, vitality and growth.

The artist worked with ladies from Askar to create the patches of crotchet which were later stitched together around the trees, bringing splashes of colour to the park, the Municipal Library and the Child Cultural Centre. The tree at the CCC was in fact planted by Yasser Arafat, so this combined with the yarn bombing gives a redoubled effect.

I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for these artworks over the next couple of days.



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