April 5th to 20th 2017

nablusfestivalNablus Festival is an independent local grassroots initiative that aims at creating a cultural dynamic and a space for local and international artists to meet and perform together.
The initiative was born in Nablus but serves all of the north of the West Bank and seeks partnerships across the globe to promote Nablus as a cultural destination.



Technical director: Tawfiq Abdalrahim
Artistic director: Hatem Hafi
Public relations: Raja Taher
Translation: Anas Khanfer
Designer: Samah Humaidan

Main Sponsors

Project Hope A M Qattan Foundation Nablus Municipality
An-Najah National University  Nablus Foreningen Stavanger Kommune French Palestine Solidarity Association Amitie Lille-Naplouse
Music Harvest Ethno Palestine Al-kamandjati Médecins Sans Frontières  
Al-Yasmeen Hotel Dar Al Funoon MCRC Nablus Circus School Al-Ayyam Press
Institut Culturel Franco-Palestine Le Philistin Social Development Center British Council The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
The Danish House In Palestine Danish Film Institute Filmlab Palatine Representative Office of Denmark Bait Al Sham restaurant and hotel
Najah Broadcasting Channel Nablus Cultural Center Dooz Yafa Cultural Center Tariq Al-Mahabe Radio
Institut Francais -Naplouse Goethe Institute Diwan Voyage Karakeeb media production Shaikh Amr Arafat Foundation
Zatoun Firefly International Child Cultural Center Boulder Nablus Mariam Hashim Center For Culinary Arts
Visit Palestine Al Sha'abeya Library Palestine Festival Of Literature